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It is true that Rice University economist Donald Huddle has conducted studies and concluded that immigrants (both legal and illegal) in the U. receive billions of dollars more in social services from local, state and federal governments than they contribute in revenue.It’s also true that others have criticized his studies as flawed and arrived at exactly the opposite conclusion (i.e., that immigrants actually produce a net revenue surplus).This study, by Donald Huddle, was sponsored by the Carrying Capacity Network, a nonprofit group that advocates major reductions in immigration to the United States.“The Costs of Immigration” (Huddle 1993) uses estimation procedures that include a variety of errors.Passel included them because the federal government treats Social Security on a pay-as-you-go basis.According to the most controversial study of those discussed here, the benefits and costs of immigration to the United States in 1992 add up to a total net cost to all levels of government of .5 billion.

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The FPU works with Interpol to find suspects who flee abroad and then prepares the evidence so that the person can be arrested and prosecuted.

When these errors are corrected, the post-1970 immigrants in Huddle’s study actually show a surplus of revenues over social service costs of at least billion.

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This interpretation is supported by a University of California Davis summary of immigration issues that notes: The Los Angeles Police Department has a 12-year old Foreign Prosecution Unit that pursues suspects who fled the US after committing crimes in Los Angeles and gives testimony when they are prosecuted aboard.

The United States does not have extradition treaties with most Latin American countries but many countries, for example, Mexico, Nicaragua or El Salvador try suspects for murder and other violent crimes committed in the US.

Jeff Passel of the Urban Institute reviewed and revised Huddle’s US estimates, and his calculations turned the billion net cost into a billion net benefit.

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